Safehouse Protection is a locally owned home security company. We solely operate in Houston and its surrounding cities, so Houston residents can expect timely customer service. We are experts in the types of alarm and camera systems our local customers require. Home security systems keep families and businesses safe, and they also provide security for our possessions and homes, but there is a variety of myths that surround the industry. If you’re looking at buying a home security system in Houston, here are some things to remember as you begin your search.

  1. It’s difficult to qualify with bad credit. Home security systems don’t require perfect credit. Security companies offer a variety of plans and options, so virtually all homeowners, apartment residents, and business owners can find an appropriate plan.
  2. The system is useless if the phone line is cut. An older alarm system and some DIY devices could be dependent upon a phone line, but a professional will design your security devices with redundancies or connections made to your wireless communications.
  3. Pets cause costly false alarms. One of the most common reasons for false alarms is the accidental triggering from pets, but you won’t experience this problem with a professionally installed system. As the Cleveland County sheriff’s office reveals, security systems should feature “pet-friendly” sensors.
  4. Insurance will cover everything anyway. Insurance helps keep your family safe in a variety of circumstances, but your rates may increase after an incident where you make a claim. Reduce the likelihood you’ll need to rely on insurance with a security system.