Hello, today we are going to talk about why our home security is the best choice for you. Traditional home security monitoring can be expensive. At Safehouse Protection we believe in top service at a reasonable price. That is why we offer our customers what they need and no bloat.
First and foremost, our packages for traditional or home-automated monitoring come in tiered packages tailored for your needs. Both systems range from silver to platinum offering you the necessary equipment. With the traditional offerings, silver begins at $19.95 with platinum at $43.95. As you move up you’ll notice flexibility in the type of monitoring as well as additional equipment, such as 2-way voice monitoring. With our home-automated packages, silver begins at $39.95 going up to $43.95. Again, platinum has additional equipment, such as an interactive door lock.
No Phone, No Problem
Our monitoring systems are designed for the 21st century. More and more people are ditching landlines for mobile phones and those people shouldn’t be penalized for adapting. We even support all-digital services, VoIP, or no phone line at all! If you want the best home alarm monitoring available to you – no matter where you are – we got you covered.
Your security and satisfaction are our number one priority. We have provided and continue to provide protection and security services with state-of-the-art equipment all over Texas. As a certified ADT dealer you know you are paying for quality. We will always activate and test your system after installation― if you already have a functioning system in place we will even leverage that!
The bottom line, you know what Safehouse Protection stands for. The packages we offer come with a variety of features, so if you are unsure of which plan to choose give us a call at 855.249.8759. We will walk you through your options and explain them more thoroughly. We will even start a free project quote! Until next time, stay safe!